Introducing Roadrunner Freight LTL’s driver application – Haul NOW! Make the most of your time on the road by strategically searching for upcoming loads near you. Access your documents, view terminal details and find upcoming load assignments all in one place!


By leveraging technology, Roadrunner Freight will increase visibility of available loads within the network, allow proactive online booking and improve communication between dispatch and drivers. Our "Haul NOW" mobile application will also allow drivers to view documents, access historical dispatch and settlement information and obtain directions to service centers.  Available for Android on Google Play and for iOS here (IC login required).


⦁ Quickly search for loads coming up in the next 1-2 days by using your GPS location, desired terminal, zip code, city or state. When searching for loads by GPS, set your own radius by mileage.

⦁ Available load results are organized in a way that saves you time, allowing you to quickly review load details such as the destination, pickup times and rate per mile.

Terminal Details:  Is it your first time going to a terminal? Know what to expect by viewing terminal details and viewing an immersive Google Maps 360° virtual tour. Access the address, hours and contact information specific to each location. 

⦁ My Documents:  Access all of your Roadrunner Freight documents in one spot. Check lease information, contract details and settlement reports with a click of a button.

⦁ Suggested Apps:  Find other applications that may be of interested to drivers, such as Weather, Fuel Book and Trucker Tools.

⦁ My Assigned Loads:  View upcoming loads and access details such as destination, pickup date and times.

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